Class Schedule

At Constellations, all our classes have a strong focus in performance skill and are based on ability and some cases, age.

If your child is new to a dance style, we recommend a beginner class to start off with. All students will learn technique as well as choreography

Creates the foundation and structure of becoming a dancer, and is a solid method for you to evolve as an all-round performer.  


Based on core strength and  different types of turns. In most
choreography, turns will be used and especially for ballet, jazz and jazz technique you will be required to understand the components of a turn.


one of the most popular dance styles in recent years. There are different forms of jazz, eg:
commercial and classic. Jazz is a style of dance that is strong, fast and fun. A background in ballet is
advised, as there is plenty of neat footwork, big leaps and turns


Refers to street dance styles which include breaking, locking and popping. The dance industry
responded with a more commercial studio based version which classical trained dancers use to choreograph.
It is often freestyle in nature


Associated with ballet and contemporary dance. We recommend ballet technique classes, because
lyrical requires a strong core, neat foot work and ability to turn. It has been described as a dance style that
responds to lyrics in a song to express emotion


Contemporary dance has grown to be a very dominate dance style because of the similar techniques to ballet and classical jazz. Contemporary tends to focus on strength, flexibility, contract and release to controlled falls and recovery




Tap dance is a great activity, for all ages and is a great asset to musicality and ankle strength.
Constellations highly recommend tap dance, especially from a young age.


A form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting and dance

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